our engagement story…in case you missed it


How it happened according to Lindsay:

Okay so being a woman I feel the need to give some back-story. I had already known that Bradley was going to propose soon because I knew he had purchased the ring, I just didn’t know when it would come in.

The night before had been my friend’s bachelorette party and the morning of we did a photo shoot as a pretend “bride and groom” for the Annesdale Mansion. . I volunteered us to do this photo shoot thinking how cute if he proposed and we had the moment captured on film. Needless to say that didn’t happened so I’m not going to lie… I left a little disappointed (we had fun but it we had been there 4 or 5 hours and I was tired from the night before). We posed this way and that…it was a tiny glimpse of what the actual day would look like.

We went straight to lunch at one of our favorite little patios in midtown, BOSCOS (the weather was perfect that day). I was under the impression that we were going to his house to shoot my new bow so again I was disappointed when Brad said that he needed to go to work to edit a quote before the customer opened it on Monday. He fed me all these lines about a PowerPoint presentation and lots of other excuses (for anyone who knows Brad spinning tales is not his strong suit-but I totally believed him). So like any mature adult, I pouted and I pouted hard but it didn’t work. So I said I was going to go to home but instead I decided for some retail therapy (little did I know the only reason he went to work was to get my ring out of the safe in his office).

We decided to meet up at his house and the first thing I did when we got there was change into some pajamas. I’d worn the same thing the night before (did I mention that Brad is still in a suit and my pjs didn’t match and I had on moccasin boots on)…can you say hot mess? I went and stood on his deck because I was cold and he was hugging me to keep me warm. I remember thinking his heart seems to be beating rather fast (and recently I had a loved one who had to go to the ER with a fast heart rate) so the nurse in me said as soon as I get back from the little girls room I’m going to check his pulse and see how fast it is.

So when I got back outside he asked me to come take a walk with him and I knew immediately what was about to transpire. He stopped under his pear tree and we were hugging and he was saying all these sweet things and then he got down on one knee. He was tearing up and I was smiling and so excited I unfortunately don’t remember half of what he said. Brad pulled this stunning ring out of its beautiful green box and slipped it on my finger. I of course said YES! He stood up and we held each other and then he said, “Now for the most important part”. All I could think was I already have the ring what else is he going to do. He began to thanks God for bringing us together and prayed His blessings over us. This is the point where I began to cry and we just spend the rest of the day relaxing and enjoying each other.

How it happened according to Brad:

For me, I can’t recall a day that can match the level of nervousness mixed with utter joy. There has scarcely been a moment in my life which memory serves more anxiety coupled with thankfulness. I remember thankfulness…but that we will get to later. Let’s rewind.

It had finally come. THE DAY and I had THE RING. That was good. If everything else fell apart or words stumbled over words and I came across like a confused child, all I had to do was lift this token of my love up to her face with puppy eyes. I could present her with this exquisite work of sparkling art circa 1930 and maybe she could know what I meant to say on the inside. Springtime. Beautiful day. Beautiful weather. First prayer: answered. I rose early as instructed. Next, as instructed, I donned my black “suit”. Hardly. At the time, these were my only pair of nice black pants and my go to black coat. They matched close enough and the addition of my go-to black tie would hide the only “see through” white dress shirt I had. Apparently ring shopping had left me somewhat unprepared for what I hoped would be a minimalistic role in a prop wedding photo shoot that required my attendance later that day. Lindsay was excited and insisted we be the happy couple in the pictures. These pictures would eventually wind up in some wedding magazine. Okay. No big deal, the camera would focus on her anyway and I would be somewhere on the wing or nowhere at all…when instructed of course. I met Lindsay at Annesdale Mansion, a pre-Civil War 10 acre estate on the outskirts of downtown Memphis but in the heart of the city. The grounds were spectacular and the mansion was Gone With the Wind meets Meet Me In St. Louis. It oddly belongs where it’s located but nonetheless super impressive.The day was getting more gorgeous by the minute. The weather was perfect. Lindsay is more gorgeous than the day and she’s wearing a wedding dress and her hair is all done up pretty. No pressure. We have our pictures taken inside the mansion and outside on the grounds. As usual we made the most of our time together as faux groom and bride. We joked and played and kissed and posed and had a blast. She was so beautiful. After the shoot was over and our obligation accomplished we met at Boscos, one of our favorite midtown eats. We had lunch on the patio. When it came time to pay the check I mentioned that I was super behind on some work at the office and I needed to take the rest of that Saturday afternoon to catch up. You see, because of our backwards work schedules, our weekend time as a couple is precious. How could I be so heartless! How could I leave her to fend for herself after such a fun morning together! THE HUMANITY!!! Well, as it turned out, this was the only way I could get back to the office to pick up the ring that was there for safe keeping until the right time. And that right time was now quickly approaching! I had to make my temporary absence sound serious and plausible…otherwise she could and would smell a rat. My real agenda had to remain secret so for the first time in our relationship I would have to employ deception. It was the only way. So I left her and headed to the office. One hour passed without a hitch.  After actually doing a little work and what turned out to be checking emails and general time wasting, I called her on the phone: “Good news sweetheart! I got more done than I anticipated today and I”ll be able to meet you at my house in about an hour or so…Do you think you can come over?” “Yes..Okay I’ll see you soon but I’m going shoe shopping for a bit first.” GREAT! She took the bait. Now All I have to do is get safely to my house with the ring. Smooth operator.

Early afternoon in the country. The sky was a cloudless deep blue. The trees were new and green. The air still light from the last futile grip of winter and floral with the first hint of April honeysuckle. We are here. God is here. This is the time. This must be the place.

Lindsay couldn’t wait to get into her “jammies”. She loves playing dress up but she loves dressing down as much if not more. When I met her inside my house she was already changed and in her comfy clothes. I was still in my “suit” inwardly rehearsing and outwardly awkward. If that wasn’t odd enough she must have thought it equally strange that I was trembling and out of breath and breathing heavily all at the same time. There was just awkwardness as I asked her to come outside with me and take a stroll. Somehow she complied. So with the ring still in its green box and in my pocket, I led her by the hand and down under my only pear tree. That was the place. I’ve never embraced anyone more intensely. I’ve never been more aware of the presence of God. Here were the three of us, under a pear tree in the country. The next thing that happened is still pretty grey and hazy. I’m pretty sure  everything that I wanted to say to her as a prelude was said but I can’t be certain. Then I felt the wet ground through the pant leg of my right knee. The left knee followed. I was down on both of them. Unexpected. Next I remember the most beautiful girl I’ve ever known saying the one word that answered my final prayer. “Yes”. Then we were in prayer. Expected, unexpected, awesome, wonderful, weird, real, and lovely all at the same time. A glimpse of heaven and this only the proposal. Sensory overload. I asked the creator of the universe to join us. That He would stay bonded with us and to keep us from the snares of evil. To be with us always and forever. Tears. Unabashed joy. Yes.

That night, after Lindsay left my house, the thankfulness I felt almost overwhelmed me. This is the thankful part. Lindsay’s heart. Lindsay’s spirit. Lindsay’s family. My family. There, under a canopy of spring stars, the day had happened. It was real and God had shown up. All my prayers answered. All of them. Once again His faithfulness. Once again His undying love. Once again His grace on display for me..for anyone. Thank you, Lindsay. I love you more than I can ever say. Thank you, Jesus.


*both of these were originally posted prior to the other one reading it


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